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They try continually to sell people outside of my age range, last one by 23 years too old. May as well say they are a glorified sugar daddy site. July 23, I am someone who is familiar with Kelleher also known as Kelleher International. These people are BAD news. In my research on KI, I learned they had to undergo a massive "re-brand" of their image because it was so tarnished due to the lies, the bad business practices, and frankly taking any money they can get from vulnerable men and women out there.

Thank you to those who helped educate me about this biz. After the re-brand probably hiring some inexpensive marketing people who suggested they use "international" to sound more high class , they are still out there destroying dreams and hurting innocent people. Note, there are no international offices. Just random phone numbers that pipe you through some central call station.

Second, these people are frauds through and through. There are international and domestic lawsuits out there after them and from the past. I guess I thought they seemed reputable when I saw them in an airline ad. In a moment of vulnerability as I was feeling lonely one night thinking about taking the plunge doing their services, I had to ask myself who really advertises in an airline ad.

Readers, they have to PAY to get our attention When I heard that they charge people all sorts of fees - from not charging clients anything to charging them hundreds of thousands it felt totally off-putting. It was like "write a check" and you will have a great experience. In other words, the men who are clients are given free memberships and the team at KI actually pays the men to pretend to take the female clients out.

Not good looking or rich enough? The girls he met were definitely sub par and not the types he had hoped for at all.

Additionally, according to him, the staff said to "Just take her out" and here is their corporate Amex. He politely ducked out and knew they have very poor business practices, an army of creeps working for them, and even after this re-brand work a reputation that is irreversible.

This is not based on a client experience as I am not and was not a client. This is based on research, conversations, and careful analysis - and common sense. If anyone wants to chat privately with me about this, happy to chat, email me.

Watch and download kehler dating tube porn kehler dating movie and download to phone. I watched the Kelleher's on CNBC and was immediately impressed with what I saw, but didn't call because I was dating fine on my own and didn't think they could really find me what I wanted in a /5(6).

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