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Contact Us Explore Section The earliest recorded history of the Clayton area is found in the journal of English surveyor John Lawson, who made a reconnaissance survey of Carolina in to explore development possibilities for the eight Lords Proprietors. Conflicts between colonists and the Tuscarora led to a brutal war between and , and the defeated natives were banished from the colony.

In , the colonial assembly created Johnston County from Craven to more effectively govern new settlers. A mob armed with clubs repulsed the Regulators that same day and reclaimed power for the local ruling elite. Most families, however, were of sturdy yeoman stock, and their farming was primarily for subsistence. Cox, who built stores; to Troy Bunn, who established a turpentine distillery; and to Wesley Hicks, who opened a bar room. Occupations such as tanner and cooper also became obsolete.

A bill was introduced in the state legislature, although it did not receive a second reading, to incorporate the Town of Clayton in Ten years later, on April 12, , Clayton finally received a charter.

Others say antebellum school teacher William B. Jones named the town. Oral tradition handed down by descendants of a pioneer bright leaf tobacco producer in Person County suggests a humbler inspiration.

As a great-granddaughter wrote, he also enjoyed the distinction of having a town in Johnston County named in his honor. The Civil War of brought sweeping changes. On April 12, , local residents heard cannons and gunfire from a skirmish at the eastern edge of town between the remnants of Confederate general Joseph E. Later that night, near the Clayton depot, the surrender of Raleigh was negotiated between Sherman and commissioners sent by Gov. Resourceful men such as Ashley Home, William H.

McCullers, and John G. Barbour were able to accumulate fortunes dealing in agricultural implements and supplies, and serving as bankers for those who needed cash or credit. These men also acquired extensive farming interests and, by , banking institutions and lucrative manufacturing plants producing cotton textiles and cottonseed oil.

Efforts to make Clayton a bright leaf tobacco market in the first decade of the 20th century were not so successful, as competition from established markets proved too great. Tobacco still became the economic salvation of many struggling local farmers after cotton prices fell sharply. By the dawn of the 20th century, it had become obvious that Clayton was no ordinary small town.

A local news correspondent proclaimed in the August 9, , edition of the Smithfield Herald, "Clayton is a blessed little place and boasts of being the wealthiest town of its size in the United States.

The headline read, "Clayton, North Carolina. The Wealthiest City for its Size in the World. Clayton was also recognized, in the words of the writer, as a "high bred little town.

Competitors in regal costumes and throngs of visitors came from near and far. The columns of the Smithfield Herald and the short-lived Clayton Bud abound with accounts of musical performances, speeches, debates, and social events "of a high order" in the late 19th century.

Home, University of Chicago professor and U. Dodd, Southern Baptist Convention leader and college president Dr. White, internationally renowned architect Douglas Ellington, and pioneer aviator Lt.

Clayton joined other progressive communities across North Carolina in in opening a liquor dispensary to control the alcoholic beverage trade. According to the U. By , there were two cotton mills, a cottonseed oil mill, two lumber mills, two fertilizer plants, and two ice plants, all together employing about 1, people. This school and its successors-the Clayton Academy, the Clayton Utopian Institute, and the Clayton High School-served white students until state funding for public high schools caused most private academies to close by around Quinton Mials and his wife, Lillie, opened a school for local African Americans about In , Methodists organized inside the town limits, followed in by former slaves from Johnston Liberty, who established a separate Baptist congregation in town.

Augustine African Methodist Episcopal , St. Clayton was the only town in Johnston County with a lodge for the prohibitionist Good Templars in the s as well as for the Knights of Pythias, organized in Local promoters continued to push for industrial development and, by the s, were successful in recruiting several major players such as Champion Products, Oneida Molded Plastics, Miles-Cutter Laboratories, Data General, and Natvar.

The town of Clayton alone has seen a population of 4, in grow to an estimated 17, in The number of residents within a 6-mile radius reportedly grew from 17, in to 40, in Permission to use the above text was granted by Pamela Lipscomb Baumgartner and K. You may purchase your own copy of Images of America: All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Library, Inc.

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