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He began developing his own story inspired by the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs. After Universal Studios rejected the film, 20th Century Fox decided to invest in it. Subsequent drafts evolved into the script of the original film.

Not all the [merchandising rights] that came later, mind you; just the sequel rights. And Fox would get a first opportunity and last refusal right to make the movie. The sequels were self-financed by Lucasfilm , and generally advertised without the episodic number distinction present in the opening crawl of the films introduced with Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. A New Hope Main article: Star Wars film Conceptual artist Ralph McQuarrie left and sound designer Ben Burtt right defined the iconic aesthetic and soundscape of the original trilogy.

The film opens with a Rebel spaceship being intercepted by the Empire above the desert planet of Tatooine. Aboard, the deadliest Imperial agent Darth Vader and his stormtroopers capture Princess Leia Organa , a secret member of the Rebellion. Before her capture, Leia makes sure the astromech droid R2-D2 will escape with stolen Imperial blueprints and a holographic message for the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi , who has been living in exile on Tatooine.

Along with protocol droid C-3PO , R2-D2 falls under the ownership of Luke Skywalker, a farmboy who has been raised by his aunt and uncle. Luke helps the droids locate Obi-Wan, now a solitary old hermit known as Ben Kenobi.

Obi-Wan confides to Luke that Anakin was "betrayed and murdered" by Vader, who was his apprentice years ago. Finally, they deliver the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance with the hope of exploiting a weakness. The third draft replaced a deceased Annikin with Ben Kenobi. Lucas hired Alan Dean Foster , who was ghostwriting the novelization of the first film , to write them with the main creative restriction that they could be filmed on a low budget. The fourth draft of the script underwent subtle changes to become a self-contained story ending with the destruction of the Empire in the Death Star.

His backstory became the basis of the prequels and The Clone Wars animated series. He also appeared in the anthology film Rogue One and the Rebels animated series. Star Wars exceeded all expectations. The success of the film and its merchandise sales led Lucas to make Star Wars the basis of an elaborate film serial , [27] and use the profits to finance his filmmaking center, Skywalker Ranch.

A New Hope for a rerelease in The Empire Strikes Back Main article: The film begins three years after the destruction of the Death Star, when the Rebels are forced by the Empire to evacuate their secret base on Hoth. But after the success of the original film, Lucas knew a sequel would be granted his desired budget.

Han Solo and Chewbacca were included, but the main character was Luke. Kasdan, Kershner, and producer Gary Kurtz saw the film as a more serious and adult film, which was helped by the new, darker storyline, and developed the series from the light adventure roots of the first film. Return of the Jedi Main article: Return of the Jedi Puppeteer Frank Oz left and actor Ian McDiarmid right portrayed Yoda and Palpatine, respectively, in the original trilogy and returned to play the roles in the prequel trilogy.

Afterward, Luke returns to Dagobah to complete his Jedi training, only to find the year-old Yoda on his deathbed. As the rebels lead an attack on the second Death Star, Luke engages Vader in another lightsaber duel as Emperor Palpatine watches; both Sith Lords intend to turn Luke to the dark side and take him as their apprentice.

This led to tension between the two, resulting in Kurtz leaving the production. After losing much of his fortune in a divorce settlement in , George Lucas had no desire to return to Star Wars, and had unofficially canceled the sequel trilogy by the time of Return of the Jedi.

Nevertheless, technical advances in the late s and s continued to fascinate Lucas, and he considered that they might make it possible to revisit his year-old material. The popularity of the franchise was reinvigorated by the Star Wars expanded universe storylines set after the original trilogy films, such as the Thrawn trilogy of novels written by Timothy Zahn and the Dark Empire comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics. Due to the renewed popularity of Star Wars, Lucas saw that there was still a large audience.

His children were older, and with the explosion of CGI technology he was now considering returning to directing. Revenge of the Sith , released on May 19, The Phantom Menace Main article: The corrupt Trade Federation has set a blockade around the planet Naboo. Sith Lord Darth Sidious had secretly planned the blockade to give his alter ego, Senator Palpatine, a pretense to overthrow and replace the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

When their starship is damaged during the escape, they land on Tatooine for repairs. Palpatine dispatches his first Sith apprentice, Darth Maul , to hunt down the Queen and her Jedi protectors.

Qui-Gon helps liberate the boy from slavery, believing Anakin to be the "Chosen One" foretold by a Jedi prophecy to bring balance to the Force. However, the Jedi Council led by Yoda suspects the boy possesses too much fear and anger within him.

This was the final step towards turning the film series into a "saga". Following the release of that film, Lucas announced that he would be directing the next two, and began work on Episode II. Attack of the Clones Main article: Revenge of the Sith Main article: While Palpatine re-organizes the Republic into the tyrannical Empire, Vader participates in the extermination of the Jedi Order ; culminating in a lightsaber duel between himself and his former master Obi-Wan on the volcanic planet Mustafar.

Lucas originally told concept artists that the film would open with a montage of the Clone Wars, [55] and included a scene of Palpatine revealing to Anakin that he had willed his conception through the Force.

The rewrite was accomplished both through editing principal footage, and filming new and revised scenes during pick-ups in

Star Wars-based fiction predates the release of the first film, with the December novelization of Star Wars, subtitled From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker. Credited to . DVD Release Date: April 5, ; Run Time: minutes; Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Blu-Ray/DVD Trailer) Walt Disney Home Entertainment. I'd give it one star. If you redeem your video through Amazon, the video does not show up in your digital library. Instead, you get an account credit for the price of the digital HD version on /5(K).

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