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To sit down with Ne-Yo is to get a crash course in what it takes to be a true professional in the entertainment biz. The man is nothing if not exacting, a stickler for perfection who yearns to make great music, and that comes across immediately.

Refreshingly, Ne-Yo is as down to earth and as ordinary as a superstar might come, a fact reinforced by the way he makes small talk before we start the interview.

Born on October 18, in Camden, Arkansas, to musician parents, Ne-Yo spent his childhood in Las Vegas, after his mother separated from his father. Writing session in the studio. Writing is only part of what makes Ne-Yo tick. Released as a single in , That Girl was an instant hit and put Ne-Yo squarely on the music map. Listening to him talk, I wonder: For Ne-Yo, how did it feel to have his work compared to one of the greatest performers ever? Will there be comparisons?

The inspiration happens and then the inspiration comes. By no means am I trying to become the next Michael Jackson. There is no next MJ. There will never be another MJ. However, I can pay homage to the person that made it possible for me to be where I am. What effect did the loss of arguably the greatest entertainer ever have on Ne-Yo? It would have been an incredible experience to work with a genius like that. He had a true vision for what he wanted to do as an artist, and he had the talent to make it happen.

He was such a huge inspiration. People hear too much melody or too much harmony, and it kind of goes over their heads. Michael Jackson believed in making music to make people feel good. His stuff was loaded with melody and harmony. The second single from that album, So Sick, reached Number 1 on the Billboard Hot that same week. It promptly shot to the top of the Billboard Hot and, like his debut album, went platinum.

But what about owning the stage? Acts like Chris Brown and Usher carried reputations as top tier stage performers. Ne-Yo fans knew that their guy could more than hold his own, but there seemed to be a recognition gap.

Does the same hold true today? Does Ne-Yo feel like he gets the recognition he deserves when it comes to performing onstage? If I do that, then I feel that eventually people will understand that. In Ne-Yo released his third album, Year of the Gentleman, a tip of the hat to old school swag. The heavy hitting hip-hop vibe was everywhere, from its aggressive, angry, in-your-face lyrics to its gritty, from-the-streets roots.

While appreciative of the Grammys and the recognition, Ne-Yo remained focused on his craft, preferring to make hits rather than headlines. For him, his work is all about substance. I only want people to recognize me for the quality of my music. Grammy red carpet photo op. I wanted to be valid, I wanted to be real. And I want true respect, as opposed to grabbing for fame or recognition. It harkens back to the way his first idol, Sammy Davis Jr.

As we talk about idols, I ask: Who else has had an impact on the singer whose nickname is taken from the character Neo in The Matrix? You have to deal with it. You have to catch up to me. It was an ambitious effort, with a futuristic theme running through the entire album. And in retrospect, I tried to weave the concept across the entire album, whereas Michael Jackson did that with only one song on Thriller. He had an unbelievable video built around the title song, and then the rest of the music stood on its own as great music.

As an artist you have to embrace that risk. You jump off the cliff, and you either fly or you fall to your death. But either way, you gotta jump.

As an artist, you thrive off of the acceptance of other people. You put your heart and soul into the music, and you give it to the world, and you beg them to love you. It never gets old. So, the nomination alone is a victory in and of itself. It says that, of everything that happened in music throughout the year, they singled your work out as one of the best. I know I am. And it definitely feels better to get a nomination than to get beat up by the press for taking chances with your art.

Which begs the question: His look will change or his voice will change or whatever — I like actors that can do that. Bruce Willis is another favorite — he can do comedy, and then he can turn around and do action. I guess I just love versatile performers. Los Angeles that appealed to him as an actor? I did Stomp the Yard, which was my first actual film. But the character that I played in Battle: Los Angeles was quirky. He was this kind of high-strung dude.

He was really conservative, too. And he always had these really, really dorky glasses on. So I was ready for it. I took the challenge and I loved it. Ne-Yo in Red Tails. These were like the first black superheroes! They were definitely the smartest dudes out there, the strongest dudes out there, and they were doing things that, according to their white counterparts, people of color were not smart enough to do.

Think about it — they were flying missions to protect the bombers, who were flying the bigger, slower planes. Under the care of the Tuskegee Airmen, not a single bomber was lost. So they not only excelled, they far exceeded anything that was expected of them. I was absolutely honored to be a part of that film. Few and far between today, actually.

So a song talking about the importance of being who you are, and loving the flaws that are yours and yours alone, meant a lot to me. I thought the timing was right. On my cheat day I eat anything I can get my hands on. I love Italian food. The disappointing thing is that nobody seems to want to work for it anymore. You know what I mean? There is a thing called singing on key, and learning how to do so.

I look for people who do this because the love it, not because they want to get rich, not because they want to be famous. RaVaughn Brown is a prime example. I met her in California as a demo singer. I was introduced to her by a producer friend of mine, and I was impressed by her work ethic. She definitely gets all of that. And I kind of dig that. Or maybe these artists come up with a floor-on-the-floor beat to where it could almost be considered a dance song.

So I like the fact that everyone is kind of mixing and blending and coming up with these new sounds. Wrote some stuff for her, as well as did a song with her. So, shout out to the incomparable Celine Dion. So I put the song together, and it was a beautiful thing. It was also a little scary, to tell you the truth, because she decided to turn the song into a duet and she wanted me to sing it with her.

It came out dope. These kids miss out on a lot of opportunities because of those stereotypes. Our foundation works to help with these types of situations.

Ne-Yo’s New R&B Darling RaVaughn Rocks Classic Pieces Ne-yo may have discovered her, but to the West Coast RaVaughn was the go . Ne-Yo breaks up with Monyetta Shaw, sports a new chick to the BET Awards red carpet next day That’s his new artist Ravaughn, they are not dating. She was also interviewed on bet’s red.

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