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In January many were speculating whether another official mouser should be engaged by No. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home helpfully pointed out that they had many rescued cats on their books, waiting to be rehomed, who would be admirable for the job. They invited the Prime Minister to choose a suitable candidate, and suggested a three-year-old tuxedo cat by the name of Crocket could be ideal.

The media went into overdrive and by the following morning the BBC was reporting that Larry was indeed due to arrive at Number 10 later in the day to take up his duties, and that a photocall would be held: During the afternoon there was coverage of Larry arriving in Downing Street and being taken inside No. Some lovely images came out of the photocall, two of which we reproduce here left, and above right. Within even less time at least three Twitter accounts had also been set up claiming to be Larry.

A Guardian political correspondent, after checking with No. As such the cost of his food and upkeep do not come out of the public purse, but from staff at the building who also share in his care and welfare.

Early indications were that Larry showed every sign of being able to adjust to his new surroundings and situation; indeed, a No. Shortly after his arrival a story was circulated that his former owner had stepped forward after seeing his story in the media. The Daily Mail and others ran with the story, and it was quickly reproduced at many online sites. He was said to have dumped it unceremoniously at the feet of the secretaries, and after their initial shock they gave him a cheer, as it was the first mouse he was known to have caught.

In June Mr Cameron said the total count had risen to three, so evidently Larry had been quietly getting on with his job! He did, though, celebrate the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton on 28 April, when he was seen sporting around his neck a natty bow in the British colours. On behalf of the US Government he was also presented with a replica rat which seemed to meet with his approval!

We wish Larry well, and a long and happy life as the latest in a distinguished line of feline residents in the corridors of power. However, it was reported in late November that Larry was not fulfilling his duty well in terms of catching mice, although the rat problem had diminished.

More photos continue to be published, either in the press or released from Downing Street, and here are just a few. Larry also managed to get himself into Google Street View! In June it was reported that Larry was considering running for London mayor!

However, by September there were rumours that tensions were growing between Prime Minister David Cameron and Larry, with a report that Cameron was fed up with his suit getting covered in cat hair and that the Camerons were said not to like the Downing Street cat very much, amid suggestions that the pet is just a public-relations prop.

A second cat in Downing Street: Long before they moved there, and when she was only a few months old, Freya had disappeared, and after searching for her and putting up posters to no avail, they assumed she had been irretrievably lost, or possibly run over.

Only when a visit to the vet revealed a microchip was it realised who she belonged to, and she was duly installed in Downing Street. She was said to have settled in happily and to be getting on well with her family, the staff and Larry.

Larry forced to job share In September it seems that Freya took over the official mousing duties and sidelined Larry, who had not exactly distinguished himself in the mouse-hunting business since his arrival at No.

The crunch came when Mr Cameron reportedly found Larry asleep on his chair in his study, while a mouse ran across the room. The two cats have a sort of armed neutrality towards each other, although a photo was published of them having a bit of a sparring match on one occasion. For a full report on the reshuffle, see the Daily Mail.

Her injuries were not serious and after a visit to the vet she made a full recovery and returned to Downing Street. In May she was found roaming the streets of south London by a charity worker; when her identity was discovered she was chauffeur-driven back to base. Anyway, by November the Osbornes had decided that her wanderings put her at too much risk and it would be better if she left Downing Street.

So Freya has retired to a home in the Kent countryside with a kind member of staff, and her former family will receive regular updates. So Larry was left to continue with mouse-catching duties and has become a permanent fixture at No. Downing Street staff are said to be very fond of him.

But then he encountered another problem He was described as a confident cat who liked being with people, and soon made himself at home in the FCO, with his first mouse catch reported within a couple of weeks.

As for being a sleeper, he is definitely a sleeper, I am told very often in my office. There had been earlier noisy stand-offs between the pair, but then things became physical and the fur started flying. Two more new arrivals In December two new staff members, Evie and Ossie, arrived in the Cabinet Office, bringing the total of government felines to five! The Office approached the Celia Hammond Animal Trust CHAT asking for two indoor cats for extra mousing duties, so the most important thing was to try to find cats that would be able to live in harmony with Larry bearing in mind his somewhat fearsome reputation , should they ever be allowed to venture outside.

For the first couple of weeks the cats had their base in a very plush and comfortable office, and have since learned their way around the building very well. They visit various offices where they have their admirers and no mice have been seen in the Press Office a particular trouble spot earlier since their arrival, as simply the presence of the cats has deterred mice.

Evie arrived with three kittens and while nervous in the beginning, it soon became clear that she was a very friendly, calm and sweet-natured cat. Two of her kittens were rehomed together, but CHAT was determined that Evie would keep one of her kittens.

After a few weeks in their new home they were reported to have settled down well and were, indeed, being thoroughly spoiled! See here for a plan showing where the various Westminster pets are located, as of late courtesy of The Telegraph. Further links for Larry and his Westminster colleagues.

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