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After all, just like newlyweds, couples whose love has survived the wear and tear of marriage deserve a lavish party too. Let these wedding vow renewal ideas inspire you to create the wedding of your dreams… again! Wedding Vow Renewal Ideas: The Ceremony photo courtesy of http: Do you need attendants? The good news is, a vow renewal ceremony is much more laid back than a wedding ceremony. It can be anything you want it to be!

You can hire an officiant, ask a trusted friend or family member to lead the ceremony or forego an officiant all together. The bride can walk down the aisle alone, with her children, with her groom or not at all. Use personal touches from your own unique personalities to create a beautiful ceremony you will both love. Here are some ceremony vow renewal ideas: Make sure your guests will be as comfortable as possible.

Try to seat them in some shade and keep citronella candles on hand to keep bugs at bay. Have your ceremony at a spot that has special meaning to you… rent out the lounge where you had your first date, the theater where you saw your first performance together or the restaurant where the proposal took place. Many public locations can be rented out for private parties, and this way you could combine your ceremony and reception into one fun-filled bash.

You could return to the spot where you had your honeymoon, jet off to Vegas and get re-married by Elvis, elope to a tropical paradise or just enjoy a relaxing weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast that will accommodate your needs.

If you were planning an anniversary vacation or a second honeymoon, this option will definitely be the most frugal. You may decide a private vow renewal ceremony with just the two of you will be the most special option for you. Also, if many of your friends and family members live far away from you, this option will save them any hurt feelings or guilt.

Wedding ceremonies trend to have a serious tone, but a vow renewal can be much more fun and playful. If your anniversary is in autumn, you can have a Halloween-themed party click here for more Halloween theme ideas. You can go vintage with lace, pearls and old music, or you can turn it into a fairytale land. The sky is the limit when it comes to vow renewal ideas, so get creative with your ceremony. The Invitations photo courtesy of weddingpaperie. You can order your vow renewal invitations from any site that designs wedding invitations.

One site in particular, Wedding Paperie, will allow you to fully customize your invitations which will be necessary for a vow renewal. Wedding Paperie also exclusively offers booklet-style invitations. The booklet invites allow you eight pages of space, so you can fill your guests in on your love story while inviting them to celebrate the continuation of it. You can add old photos and stories from your relationship that even your close friends may not have known.

Here are some vow renewal invitation wording ideas: Please join us as we renew our wedding vows and celebrate 25 years together Diana and Steven Jonas.

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